Robotic technologies in construction

Today’s construction production is beginning to respond to the rapid development of digital technologies, as has been the case in the manufacturing industry, which has already undergone massive digitalization and robotization in industries such as automotive. 

In the construction industry, the issue of digitising the entire construction lifecycle is thus gaining importance. This process has already well advanced in the field of building design and construction planning, where the vast majority of projects are nowadays processed digitally in a Building Information Modelling – BIM – environment. The BIM models thus created, which are comprehensive databases of information about the building and all its parts, are now also being used for building management, so-called facility management. 

The least developed area in terms of digitisation is the construction execution, which still relies heavily on heavy manual labour and simple mechanisation. The solution is the robotization of construction execution, based on BIM, automated production of intelligent components, a digitized construction site and specialized construction robots. Robotization of construction technology should thus enable construction to be carried out faster, safer, cheaper and with greater precision. Digitisation and robotization will cause radical changes in the labour market, as we can already see today, thanks to the emergence of new professions such as the BIM coordinator, which is the person responsible for managing BIM models.